How DEHIC Works

• DEHIC is a central coordinating agency for the purchase of group health insurance.
• DEHIC’s plan options cover active employees, their families and retirees.
• The DEHIC Trustees meet monthly to perform their oversight activities of the DEHIC.
• Technical and consultant support to DEHIC has been provided by Rose and Kiernan since 2003,
   (now NFP since 2020), and previously by Albany Health Associates since 1988.
• DEHIC has a number of active committees working on current health insurance-related issues
  [e.g. Executive Committee; Product Development Committee].
• Treasurer functions to DEHIC are provided by the Dutchess County BOCES.
• DEHIC’s programs are experience rated [minimum premium]. It is similar to self-funding, but with
  a maximum liability amount which minimizes the risk to the consortium.
• DEHIC premiums are set annually with a fiscal year running from July through June 30.

DEHIC’s Ongoing Focus:

• Management of costs and coverage, and its relation to member health.
• Product Development.
• Compliance with federal and state mandates.
• Compliance with contractual eligibility standards.

Recent Issues Addressed:

 A Year in Review 9/2022 – 6/2023