Current Initiatives

• Employer Group Waiver Plan, MedicareRx Rewards Prescription Drug Plan effective 1/1/2023.
• Article 47, self-funding opportunity- not authorized by the Board at this time.
• Health and Wellness Strategies – Live Health On-Line.
NEW Pharmacy Benefit Manager — IngenioRx has become CarelonRx.

Plan/Coverage Changes

Benefit Summaries reflecting an overview of the coverage offered to DEHIC members through Empire BCBS can be viewed in the Related Links section of the website. Please use the attached July 2023 benefit summaries for the EPO Select 20, Alternate PPO and HA PPO. Keep in mind, that this is a summary of your benefits, and does not replace the contract associated with your coverage.

Dates for Open Enrollment:
  • Enrollment and Eligibility Memorandum, summary guidelines: Effective immediately, all members within DEHIC will need to conform to the enrollment and eligibility guidelines outlined within the Member Handbook provided by Empire BCBS. A detailed explanation of these guidelines can be found within the Memorandum Explaining Coverage Eligibility for the DEHIC Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.
  • Please be reminded that January or July are the months during which members may change health insurance options. Please contact your Health Benefit Administrator regarding your organization’s Open Enrollment Program.
How Benefits Work:

Empire BCBS “Live Health Online” (LHO) – Please review the following LHO documents on how to access the services of a physician from the comfort of your computer:
– LHO Flyer
– LHO Online Website & Video
Mandatory Mail Order Flyer. Note: The listing may be updated quarterly; therefore, check with your Business/Personnel Office for the most current list.
Maintenance Drug List

Immediate doctor visits are available to you for the low cost of $49 per visit.  All of your information is private and secure.  Consider enrolling in this helpful healthcare option today!

Forms for Downloading & Printing:

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